So how's the weather?

The Yucatan region of Mexico enjoys warmth and sunshine year-round.  The moderating effect of the Gulf of Mexico and the breeze off
the water make it a very desirable vacation destination for Mexicans in summertime, when the heat of the city can be unbearable.  It's
also sunny and warm in fall, winter and spring too.  "
El Norte" (that's the north wind from over the Gulf) blows for a day or two each week
in winter, and on those days you really need to hang on to your hat!  We recommend those days for sightseeing and shopping, of which
there is an abundance.  It is also during December, January and February that the sandy bottom is stirred up and the water's edge is
often lined with seaweed, or
sargasso.  These three months are not the best months to enjoy the Gulf or the beach.

Month                     High Temp            Low Temp         Rainfall               Ocean Temp
January                  83°F                    62°F                 1 in.                    66°F
February                85°F                    63°F                 1 in.                    66°F
March                     90°F                    66°F                 1 in.                   70°F
April                        94°F                    68°F                 1 in.                   74°F
May                        96°F                    71°F                  3 in.                   79°F
June                       93°F                    72°F                  6 in.                   82°F
July                         92°F                    71°F                  6 in.                   82°F
August                    92°F                    72°F                  6 in.                   81°F
September              90°F                   71°F                   7 in.                  79°F
October                  87°F                    68°F                  4 in.                   76°F
November               85°F                    65°F                  2 in.                   74°F
December              84°F                    63°F                  1 in.                    72°F
Local Features
This map shows
how many ruins
there are within a
short drive of
Progreso and
Here's a link to the website for Yucatan Today, a tourist magazine for the area.  It's contains a wealth of information,
and is an excellent resource to use to pre-plan destinations for day trips.
The world-famous ruins of Uxmal and Chichen Itza are each
an hour and a half's drive away on a modern highway, and
Cancun and the Caribbean are a mere three and a half
hours away.

The Yucatan also boasts an abundance of crystal clear
cenotes (sen-oh-tays), or sinkholes, where you can swim
and snorkel among brilliantly coloured tropical fish.  There
are always some very large iguanas around to be seen, too.
These photos were taken at the ruin site of Dzibilchaltun, twenty
minutes' drive from the house.  Above you can see the sparkling
- whose bottom is paved with turquoise pebbles -
perfect for swimming,
and climbing the ruins provides a fascinating encounter with history. Be
sure to take your bathing suit, and mask and snorkel if you have them,
because it is
remarkably hot when you go inland and leave the cool
breezes off the gulf, a reminder why the Mexican nationals flock to the
beaches in summertime

This entire region is rich with geological and
archaeological findings.  Not only are there many
important ruins nearby, but the area is also a significant
scientific site where the meteor struck that ended
dinosaurs roaming the earth many thousands of years
ago.  To read about that, click here:
chicxulub crater
Each time you drive along the highway to our house,
you pass a flamingo conservatory, where you can
sometimes catch a glimpse of these beautiful birds in
their natural environment.
If you are a scuba diver, you already know
that Playacar Reef, between Cancun and
Cozumel, offers world class diving.  If you are
flying into Cancun, you can take advantage
of this fantastic opportunity to do a few dives
before going to the house or after, on your
way home.  Hotels can be prearranged at
last-minute and drastically reduced rates on
Priceline, Hotwire or similar sites, and the
diving is spectacular.
Halfway between Cancun and Merida is the lovely town of
Valladolid.  It boasts two lovely underground cenotes where you
can swim in thesse geological marvels.  
They are a fun way to spend a day, either as a day trip or a stop
on the way to or from Cancun.