Maps and Links
By the way, where in Mexico is this exactly?

Here are some maps, so you get the picture.
Our house is in the very
elegant area known as San
Benito.  If it were big enough
to be on the map below, it
would be between Progreso
and Puerto Telchac.
This map also shows the
highways of the Yucatan, and
the relative distances between
our house, Merida, Cancun
Chichen Itza and Campeche.
Which Airport - Mérida or Cancun?

Below are links to the Expedia and Kayak websites, where you can shop for flights to either Mérida or Cancun.  There are no
direct flights from Toronto to Mérida, which is the airport closest to the house, so if you choose this option you will need to
connect somewhere.  We enjoy connecting in Mexico City.  It's a beautiful airport with a  great food court and several nice
shops, and if you can manage to spare a few days visiting this spectacular city either before or after your beach holiday,
even better!

Since there is more air traffic to Cancun, airline tickets are less expensive and direct flights are available.  With an average of
nine hours of total travel time, including stopover,  to fly into Mérida plus 45 minutes' drive, compared to four hours' flight
direct to Cancun plus five hours' drive, the timeline is comparable.  Both scenarios could have you arriving at the grocery
store in Progreso around 5:00 PM, after having left Toronto early that morning, and this is an excellent time of day to pick up
provisions for your first night at the house.   There is another potential bonus for flying into Cancun which we took advantage
of on our last visit.  We went first to Cozumel and spent three days scuba diving on the fabulous Palancar reef, then went to
our house afterwards.  From Cancun you can dive, or you can travel to nearby Isla Mujeres or Holbox  where you can dive or
snorkel with whale sharks.
Car Rental

There are Hertz agents in the airports at both Mérida and Cancun, and if you book by internet in advance the rates are
really good.  Use your Aeroplan or CAA membership for further discounts.  You can often get a car for as little as $100 a
week, before added fees, and they frequently upgrade your vehicle for free.  
Maps of  Mérida and
Progreso will be
provided to you after
booking, along with
helpful tips and
shopping and
restaurant locations
See it on Google Earth

These are the co-ordinates to view the house on Google Earth: 21°19'17.71" N , 89°27'13.63" W  
It's quite an old image - probably more than 3 years old, and our house is the large white one with the red terraza
(which we have since painted white).  There are more buildings around us now, and along the beach to the west
are new, palatial beach homes all the way to Progreso and beyond.