Our House, Yaax Che'
In this very Mayan part of the world, it seems appropriate that our beach house has an Indian name.  It
came up in conversation with a Mexican friend that the Mayans have a sacred tree and its name is
Yaax-Che' (yaz-chay), which translates to "green wood".  For personal reasons this is a perfect name for
our house.
This is the front yard.

Beyond the cement wall is
another 30 meters or so,
depending on the time and tide,
of sand beach between the wall
and the water's edge.

The Gulf of Mexico and endless
beach in both directions are just
beyond the gates.  During the
quiet season, which is other than
summer or two weeks at Easter,
you will usually be the only
person on the beach when you
go for a walk.
You can barbecue every night on this beautiful terrazza,
and dine
al fresco, poolside, with a view of the Gulf and
watch the seabirds for every meal.  

There are four sets of hammock hooks so you can find
your perfect spot to read a book or take a siesta.
This is the covered
parking area on the
back of the house.

Covered parking
adds greatly to your
comfort, keeping
your car and its
contents out of the
blistering sun. It's
nice to have when it's
raining too.
This is the view you will see from
the front bedroom windows.

Below is the view from your
hammock on the terrazza.